What do you want for dinner?

Last night we had to run a few errands, so we ended up having a late dinner. 7 PM, which is late for us since Rob started his new job and is home by 4 PM. I digress. So we are headed back home and thought we would just pick somthing up and take it home. We asked Rory what sounds good for dinner. Her response: Bob Evans. Rob then said that she could pick anything but Bob Evans, so she said "Pancakes."

A few days earlier I was trying to figure something out for dinner and asked Rory what she wanted. Bob Evans, of course, she yelled. I said that we were not going out to dinner, that we were staying home and she needed to pick something else. She said that she would not order pancakes if we could just go to Bob Evans. When asked what she would order she said "Waffles."

I give up.

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