Rob's job

Well, Rob is officially on 2nd shift. He has been working 2nd for the last two weeks, but it was considered a temporary assignment because they must be given a full 2 weeks notice of any permanent change to their schedule per the union. We are still trying to work out a routine with school and everything else. I usually wait until Rob has left for work, and then Rory and I get down to business.

We will be going to John and Becky's home this year for turkey day. Rob finally decided what he wanted to do on Tuesday after much proding from me to make a decision. Saturday is the Holiday Lights Parade in Gahanna. We will enjoy a non-traditional belated Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, Doug and Jen and the kids, and my grandmother. I say non-traditional because it will include crab legs. For those of you who don't know, any month that ends in "r" is the best time to enjoy crab and lobster.

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