Jonesin' for Spring

My husband is sooooo ready for spring. He went to put his clothes on so he could walk Rory to the bus stop. He had on a t-shirt, hooded sweat shirt (I would say hoodie, but I was informed that dad's/husbands do not wear hoodies), jeans and his sandels. Tevas to be exact. Sandels are what you wear to an outdoor, summer, garden party/wedding. Which we have yet to be invited to one. Sigh. I digress. His comment was that it's above 40, and that's spring enough for him. To be exact it was 54 with a windchill of 50, so that was even better.

He changed my desktop photo last night with a pic from flickr. I did not stay up to see which pic won the honor to lift my mood on a daily basis. I did have a few requirements.

1. Landscape
2. No people
3. No flowers

I was rewarded with a pic of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you know me you understand how happy I was with this choice.

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