Craft Night with the Girls #2

On Friday April 24 a few of us got together for our monthly craft night. It was held by our lovely hostess and best SIL, Jen. She had picked the "Look What I Made" boards from Tuesdays with Molly. We all had different variations on the original.

I, again, did not take me camera. I think that subconsciously I knew that Jen would be snapping away. And sure enough she was. Check out what we did on her blog. There were two post, here is the second one.

The guy in the background is my brother and husband of Jen. He was very much a part of the evening. What with trying to contain 6 kids and 2 puppies. Then there was Ethan, the almost 3 boys boy, who just wanted to use the cordless drill. No really the kids where great. They entertained themselves and a few even helped me with a little bit of painting.

I think that we all had a great time again. Next month we will be at Lori's home. How fun.

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