Craft Night with the Girls #3

Girls, sorry it has taken sooo long to post what we did on Friday night. My brain has been on other things and my body has not been able to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes (not by my choice, but the kiddos have needed to be kept busy.)

So without further ado I present the "BE" blocks. Brought to us by Not so Idle Hands.

Lori's...she was the only one to make it just like on Not So Idle Hands.

Corrie's...made hers for her daughter Eva's room. Eva's name is on another side. Words that Corrie wishes for her daughter. So stinkin' cute.

Jennifer's...love the color on the wood with the black letters

Marlene's...her letters did not come in the mail in time, but how about that top block. Couldn't you just see a chair with that fabric!

Mine...I'm not done. I always talk more than I craft. I'll finish it tomorrow once everyone is back to school/work.

Me(Beth), Jennifer, Corrie, Lori(our hostess), Marlene(I hope I spelled your name right:])

Okay girls...who wants to host Craft Night in June?

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