Putting in the Garden

We live and a 2nd floor 2 bedroom APARTMENT...my parents live in a 3 bedroom HOME.

We have a SMALL porch...my parents have a BIG back yard.

We have the need and desire...my parents have the need and desire.

Introducing "OUR" Garden...

Farmer Bridges and son checking out the soil.

Putting in stakes to fence in the garden with chicken wire to keep the bunnies and groundhogs out.

All fenced in and ready for veggies.

Watermelon, broccoli, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, lettuce, radish, carrot, peas in the fence. Onion only, right now, the in open area. It will also have about 6-8 tomato plants...cherry, roma, beefsteak...for homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce. Last year my friend, Linda, found this amazing recipe for spaghetti sauce. It takes about 15 roma tomatoes, and makes about a jar worth of sauce. Also, peppers (jalapeno, chili, serrano) and green beans.

Mom has a small herb garden to the side of the house...sweet basil, greek oregano, chives, dill. Once we have them all in I'll get y'all a pic.

Mom also said that my dad said something about putting in some berry bushes along the fence in the very back. You should see, and taste, what my mom can do with 2 cups of berries, a 1/4 cup of sugar, a squeeze of lemon and some pie crust that is then topped with a scope of vanilla ice cream. I'll show that in about 3 months.

Mom just called...we need to do some tweaking on the garden this morning before the rain comes.

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