Walmart is Dangerous!

Have you ever walked into Walmart for "a few things", but lugged out 6 bags of "stuff?" You know you have.

Yesterday we had some time to kill before my nieces softball game. I thought we'll just walk around and check out all the clearance stuff.


Hubby: a pair of Hiking/Water shoes $9, was $15, originally $22.

Me: Navy Polo $5, was $9; zip up hoodie $3, was $12

Pookie: Shoes $6, were $11; denim capris $3, were $7

Mr. Man: "crocs" $6...sadly not on sale, but my sil said that her son has a pair from last year...and we all know how hard boys are on shoes; reversible (camo/brown "leather") belt $7...agian not on sale, but a badly needed item. It's hard to find a belt for a 4 1/2 year old who is about as big around as a twig. He even had me put it on him in the parking lot. Bless his heart.

Spent $39, saved $35. Yeah!!!

We won't even talk about my trips to Target...I'll save that for another day. Again, y'all know what I'm talking about.

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