Chores & Good Behavior

Well, it's the evening of the end of the first weekend of summer break...does anyone know when school starts?

Just Breath.

So...I have decided that my almost 5 (gulp) & almost 7 (sniff) year old should have a little responsibility around the house. We now have a chore chart. (:] me smiling smuggly right now)

Just your basic chores:
1. Make your bed
2. Put your clothes on...they pick out their outfit the night before & put it at the end of the bed.
3. Put shoes away.
4. Pick up toys.
5. Put jammies on.
6. Brush teeth.
7. Get into bed & staying there.
All of these are to be done without whining/crying/complaining that you're tired/hungry/thirsty/something hurts. When it does occur then the Good Behavior jar comes into play, the chore must still be completed, and no sticker is obtained.

I have a few extra credit chores:
1. Folding the wash clothes.
2. Helping me put away the laundry...mostly their stuff and the towels.
3. Putting the silverware away when the dishwasher is done.
I also plan on teaching them each to clean the bathroom sink...I'm tired of cleaning up dried toothpaste (Rory), and cleaning the toilet...I'm tired of seeing pee on the hinges of the seat (Eli).

Every chore is worth 5 cents. That's a minimum of 35 cents for the basic chores every day. I run the dishwasher at least once a day, and do 1 or 2 loads of laundry a day.

Rob made a basic chart on a spreadsheet and I picked up some stickers from Michael's for $3.00...

Needless to say the kids are very excited about the stickers.

Good Behavior Jar...I saw this on another blog which I have no idea which one, but if you have seen it with these glass "stones" please let me know so I may give that lovely lady credit where it is due.

So how does this work, you ask? Good question.

First, the Good Behavior jar is to teach the kids that all behavior, good or bad, has consequences and we must accept them & learn from them.

When an act/word of kindness is witnessed (by me or Rob), or a chore is completed for three days in a row without being reminded...they get a stone. If the chore is completed for a whole week they receive 3 stones.

They can also have stones taken away. This happens when after they have been asked to complete a chore and they are asked a second time, an unkind word/deed is witnessed (by me or Rob), or if the whining/crying/complaining ensues. Along with a stone being removed there will also be a timeout and a moment to talk about the behavior & how they will try and change it.

That's it!? Stones in a jar! Are you kidding me?

Calm down. Have to say that my kids would love to just sit and play with these beautiful stones (so would I).

We have promised them that when their jar is full they will get a special treat. Now I'm not talking a piece of candy or a new box of crayons (that's what restaurants are for). I'm talking a trip to Build-A-Bear to get an accessory for their pet with the money they earned, a meal out to their favorite restaurant (Steak-N-Shake for Eli, Bob Evans for Rory) compliments of mom & dad, a trip to the toy store with the money that they have earned, the chance to pick the movie for movie night 2 weeks in a row. There are so many different things that the kids say they want. It just depends on their mood and what they are into at the time. They will only be allowed one thing, especially if it involves mom & dad opening up their wallets.

Our goal this summer is for the kids to understand & appreciate being responsible with the things they have. Instead of always wanting something else or wanting more.

There might have to be some tweaking along they way, but we are up for the challenge. If you have any ideas about "rewards" send them our way. We really would rather their "rewards" not involve money or very little.

I once heard Denzel Washington say "Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do".

I want to raise my children in a God-loving, spirit-filled home, so I can send them off into the world with great confidence that God has a firm grip on their heart. And that I will one day hear my heavenly Father say "Well done my good and faithful servant".

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