Cuts Backs Hitting Too Close to Home

Please read this post by my sister in law, Jen, at more than we deserve.

My brother is a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Columbus and the possible upcoming cutbacks will effect him, about 240 other firefighters & 300 police officers if the Tax Levy is not passed. So, yes, I am a little passionate about the levy.

My husband also works for the City of Columbus, but we live in a suburb outside of the city limits but have Columbus utilities so we can and will vote for the levy. Jen has been able to put into words how I fell, and I think we all need to take a look at what Mayor Mike Coleman has (or has not) done to and for the city of Columbus.

For example, the news stations reported that right now there is about a 7 minute wait for a squad to respond to your call once they get it from the dispatcher. If the Tax levy is not passed, they have determined that the wait time will be doubled, if not tripled. Just take a moment to read her post, and think about what a reduction in civil servants to the city would mean to you.

Correction: the link to more than we deserve has been corrected, sorry about the confusion.

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