An Hour Late, But Not a Dollar Short

Our church had their annual yard sale. A few years back it started as a fund raiser for the mission trips. I think what happened is a burnout ensued. So the Worships department began hosting it.

This year it was on Saturday August 22 from 8 am to 3 pm. I was informed by a little birdy that come 2:30 pm they were going to start giving things away. Otherwise they were going to have to haul it to a local charity.

Well, I lost track of time and suddenly realized that it was 3:30 pm. We were at my parents working in the garden, the kids were picking up sticks for $$$, and Rob was helping my dad with mom's new shed. So we jump in the car and head up to the church. When we arrive there were about finished loading up the trucks and putting away the display tables.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

So we headed to the library because I just received a notice that a movie I reserved was in. As we pulled into the parking lot my aunt Randee called. I saw her van at the church, but figured that she was busy packing things up. Anyway, she asked if I was still looking for a dresser. YEAH! I had been on a mad hunt for a smallish dresser to put all my craft "stuff" in back in the spring. I ended up shanghaiing the kids dresser for my stuff and giving them each a roll away dresser with three drawers.

Shanghaied dresser for my craft "stuff." It is in the hall way between the front door and the living room.

Replacement roll away dresser for the kids. They each have one.

Back to my aunt Randee. She had a dresser that no one bought, that she got for FREE, and wanted to know if I was still looking for one.


Isn't it cute!

Close up of the sticker residue. It is on every drawer. Thinking it may have been in a kids room.

Yep, in a kids room.

For now I'm just going to get the sticker residue off and replace the liner with something a little less "bearish."

Editors note: The dresser with be used as a sideboard/craft "stuff" holder. The kids got their dresser back. I am keeping one of the roll aways for blanket storage in a big closet and the other goes to my friend Linda.

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