I Don’t Think My Husband Has Enough to Do @ Work…..

Rob is working a double today.  Which means that he was at work by 7:30 am and will not be home until 11:30 pm. I was talking with him a few hours ago and could tell that he was getting a little punchy.  Meaning tired.  He was telling me all these different sites to go visit. So here I am being the good wife sharing what my husband learned at work today…

Spicy Smoked Beef Sausage From Hot Doug’s

Spicy smoked beef sausage wrapped in apple wood-smoked bacon with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce and smoked gouda cheese. Image courtesy of Ed Fisher.

1. I think I would eat this.  Maybe half.  I sounds a little bit much w/the BBQ sauce and cheese.

2. I really just posted about this because it was from a restaurant called “Hot Doug’s.” 


A Stack Of Bacon From Red Mill Burgers

Bacon? Yes please.

1. I love me some bacon, but really?!

2. What restaurant is soooo popular & good that they go through that much bacon?


 Pulled Pork Sandwich From Honky Tonk BBQ

Look at the bark and smoke ring on that pork. *Drools*. Image courtesy of Ed Fisher.

1. Can’t say nothing bad about that

NoMI Benedict From NoMI

An egg covered in Hollandaise sauce and spinach on an English muffin with a side of lobster.

1. A cup of coffee w/cream and I’m good.

Check out Damn that Looks Good for yourself.

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randee said...

you two need a second blog that's just about photos of high fat foods.

you would get a lotta traffic there!

how does rob find these?