It has already been a wild ride

Dec 31 - Out delivering Sunday's preschool lessons to the teachers when the van started making a really wired noise. Pulled in behind some shops that had a Starbucks on Broad Street so Rob could check it out. The bolt that holds the caliper bracket on the wheel came loose. More specifically the threads were stripped....layman's terms: it ain't holding the brakes on. Ended up calling my dad to bring some tools so Rob could tighten up the bolt (that was before we realized that it was stripped.) Unfortunately he grabbed the wrong tools, had to go back home and come back. Ugh! Mostly for dad. I was sitting at Starbucks with the kids and my mom who came with my dad on the first trip.

Side store....so we're sitting at Starbucks enjoying hot cocoa, coffee and vanilla bean scones.

Two women walk in with a young boy.... tell me if you've heard this one before.

Anywho, the older women says.....wait for it, wait for it..... "It smells like coffee in here."

My mom and I just looked at each other, but Rory's face said it all... "Well, duh!"

We are trying to raise our kids to not be sassy with adults, but that was the first time I wish she had not minded me.

Rob put the bolt back on and he and dad carefully drove it back to their house via back roads as mom, the kids and I followed behind. Praying that the thing stayed put for the 3 mile drive.
We ended up staying for dinner, chicken & cheese and beef & bean burritos, and worked on a 1000 piece puzzle. Mom gave us her car to use through Monday because of work and school.

Jan 1 - Not much going on. Rob returned to work. Hoping to find the bolt he needed for the van. But it being a Saturday and New Years Day nothing was open.

Returned to mom and dads for dinner of pork and saurkraut, roasted potatoes, green beans, rolls, and deviled eggs. Thought about working on the puzzle some more, but it was too cold on the back porch.

Jan 2 - Church. Work. Home.

Jan 3 - Kids didn't go to school.

Got an email over Christmas break about Rory. Nothing bad. A lot of miscommunication between us and the teacher. It all got worked out, but.......we enrolled the kids in a different school today.

There have been a LOT of things that lead up to this decision. The hard thing for us was that we really liked the kids teachers and the kids loved them.

Rory's teacher called me and we cried. I tried to reassure her that our decision had nothing to do with her, but a big part of it had to do with things along the administrative line. We felt that the teachers were not getting the support and backing that they needed and deserved. She agreed. Which is sad. She told me that she has a saying that she repeats every morning "it's my job, not my life." We talked about had sad that is for her because we both know and understood that being a teacher those kids do become a part of your life. I told her that I would continue praying for her that God would give her strength, hope and encouragement.

Jan 4 - Still down to 1 car. Rob ordered the part yesterday and it should be here tomorrow.

Got Rob to work at 8 am. Took the kids to the new school at 8:30 am so that we could finish up paperwork and meet their teachers. Forgot to give the kids their milk money and had to turn around and take it to them. The kids were so excited because there is a "real" playground and they get to go outside.

Sitting at work right now finishing up this post that I started last night. have to leave at 3 pm to get the kids and then head out to get Rob from work. I have a headache, I have to pee, but I'm too tired to get up. It has been a really long 4 days.

I need to end this on a positive/happy note.......


~that my husband has a steady job,
~that I have a job that has some flexibility
~that the school nurse was able to talk Rory into not calling me because she was nervous about being in a new school. she was paired with with another little girl to be her buddy and show her around. Nurse Katie said that she seemed to be doing better this afternoon.
~that Eli has not been sick but once this school year
~that we do have another (small) car that we can all fit in, all be it tightly, with our big winter boots and coats
~that my dad was not working the day that our van broke
~that the temperature was 62 the day the van broke
~that my kids are learning to trust God and speak His truth to their friends

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