Trial and Error

I am sitting here in the computer lab waiting for my 10 am PSY class to start. Goofing off by check out FB, blogs and my email.

I have a paper due today. Which I only wrote just yesterday. Torture, I know. I have 2 good reasons:
1. I could not find a newspaper article that would fit the comparison that had to be drawn with what my textbook said about whatever subject I just so happen to choose.
2. Eli has been sick since last Monday with his asthma that was kicked into high gear from all the grass and tree pollen that was floating around. He's all better now after 2 trips to the urgent care, and an elephant size dose of steroids!!

Did I mention that I knew about the paper being due today the first day of class?! I did stuff like this in high school ALL the time. I could whip out a 3 page essay, single spaced, and still get at least a B+.

Let me just say that I think times have changed. Maybe it's just all the other responsibilities I have. Maybe school is just harder. Maybe I am getting older, and I need a little more time to study & take it all in. :/

The moral of the story is that this 1st quarter back to college in 22+ years was a time of adjustment for all of us. A time to try and figure out who needs to take care of what. A time when the kids needed to start learning how to clean the toilets, do a little dusting, and helping to make their lunches the night before so mommy is not a crazy woman before she drops them off at school.

Here's to God's grace shown through our children, higher education, families working together to make it work, printers that don't run out of ink, and not procrastinating.

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