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just pretend that this post is a series of posts that occurred on the actual day of the event.

2011.7.4Fireworks@Papaw&GrandmaVicki's 003

4th of July with cousins.  They had been running around the backyard giggling & I asked them for a serious picture.Caleb, Rory, Eli, Caitlyn.


2011.7.16Eli's7thBirthdayParty 060

Eli’s 7th birthday. July 18


2011.7.16Eli's7thBirthdayParty 056

Rory’s gift to Eli


2011.9.10Ror's9thBirthdayParty 041

Rory’s 9th birthday. September 5th


2011.9.10Ror's9thBirthdayParty 051

Eli’s gift to Rory


2011.12.11ChristmasProgram@NAFCON 003

Christmas program at church. December 18th


2011.12.25ChristmasMorning 002

Christmas morning. December 25.  The kids thought the telescope was a video camera set up to video tape them opening their gifts. HA!


2011.12.25ChristmasMorning 010

This was Eli’s favorite gift….his vest.  He gave me the biggest bear hug & thanked me many times before going to open another gift.


2011.12.25ChristmasMorning 007

She has been wanting a pillow pet for about 3 years.


2011.12.28Schmidts 002

We went to Schmidt’s for lunch with some of the Adkins crew.  We stopped at the candy shop during our hour long wait.  The kids picked out nerds and wax lips/mustache.  I was going to crop the pic, but I wanted to keep Rob in there holding my purse.  hehe


2011.12.28Schmidts 004

It was a fun year!

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