Snow Days

2 weeks ago my 6 yr old had 2 days off from school because of the below zero temps. We survived, out of necessity, because she was to have the following Mon and Tues off for MLK Jr day and then a teacher in service day...which is a total of 6 days off which included the weekend.

It is now day 2 of a no-school-due-to-the-snow. Yesterday morning the kids were both in time out before 8:30 am. Rob had gotten home at 7:50 am after working OT since 2 am. He had to be back to work at 1 pm. I'm so glad that he has today off. He will go back in for some OT at 2 am Fri morning for about 4 hours. The city may be laying people off, but they will have clear roads to drive to the unemployment office.

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