When it rains it pours

Yes, I am about to gripe about my morning and how nothing was going like I planned it to.

I was suppose to help out at Rory's school this morning and Rob was going to take Eli to the Parker's for a play date with their grandson Henry. When I was done at the school I was going to head on over to the Parker's and spend a little time with my aunt Randee and learn how to make a knotted scarf while the boys played for a bit longer. Did I mention that I also had to make a chicken pot pie before 8:45 am?! Which was when I was to leave for Rory's school.

These are the wrenches that were thrown into my nice orderly time clock.
1. Rob ended up working OT last night because of the snow that was dumped on us in a matter of hours. Now I am not complaining about the OT, but he did not get home until a few minutes after 3 in the am. He needed to get some sleep because he had to leave for work at 10:30 am, so I could not leave him with Eli while I was gone for 1 1/2 hours. Therefore I called the teacher and cancelled. No big deal really.

2. Rory started riding the bus last week. She was so excited. (She has to give all her friends a hug when she gets off the bus, which causes a little congestion. We had a talk, so no more hugs.) I digress. This morning she had "trouble", meaning she was lazy, getting her socks and boots on. So she missed the bus and I had to take her to school.

3. Called Randee to say that I would be bringing Eli over after I made the pot pie for Rob's lunch. Side note, the pot pie is for dinner tonight for the kids and I. I'm not such a Susie-homemaker that I wold make something like that just for one person. While I was prebaking the bottom crust the top broiler element went out on my stove. I had to crank the heat up just to get the top crust at least cooked. Which meant that I had to keep checking to make sure that the bottom was not getting burnt. I know that you are all thinking "why couldn't Rob watch it." Let's just say that baking is not Rob's forte. What was to take 20 minutes took almost a whole hour. Called Randee to say that I would be a little later than I had expected. She suggested that maybe we do the play date another time. Sounds good to me.

Looking back over this post the only real issue I had this morning was the oven not working to it full potential. Since we are renting the management office will take care of it. With no money out of our pockets. Thanks for letting me vent.

GOD is good all the time He is faithful to the end.

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