Birthday Aprons

My friend, Linda, has a daughter that will be 13 this coming Saturday. Kayla loves to cook, so her mom is having a "cooking" party for her and a few friends. She wanted to have aprons for all the girls, but then realized how expensive it would be. I offered to make them. So we went to Joann Fabrics last Friday night in search of fabric, thread & ribbon. Kayla's favorite color combo is brown and turquoise. What fun we had (well, I had a lot of fun) pulling bolts of fabric off the shelves. We had about 8. Then came the hard part: deciding which fabric to choose. I suggested that Kayle pick 1 fabric for the main part of the apron and then pick 2 different fabrics for the pockets. Linda picked out the ribbon. Then I found the thread.

Here is what Kayla decided on...

The striped fabric will be the main part of the apron, and the other two will be the pockets. The ribbon will become the ties. I need to produce 6 of these cute aprons, so I need to get to work. I have already cut all the material. I just need to assembly the pieces. Pray for me. I should be done by Tuesday. I can't wait to post the results.

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Linda said...

You are the BEST!!!!