Dad's Dinner

This is for my dad.

Rob, the kids & I stopped by the house to drop off something for my mom's car. When we get there Eli asked if we could have dinner with them. Which he always does, and most of the time we do. Not tonight. I just wanted to go home, get into my comfy clothes (meaning no bra), and look through the 5 magazines that I swipped from my mom. They asked what we were having and I said pork chops, kale, beans and corn bread. My dad said something, but mostly sighed and smiled. Then he and Eli got into a "discussion" about how much corn bread he (papaw to Eli) could have. Eli and papaw like to "fight" about any type of bread & butter and any type of melon, and who gets to have how much or any if the other has anything to do say about it.

They are so funny together.

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