I love me some Homegoods clearance racks...

This is a 30"L x 3"H x 5"D, dinged up, white shelf with cork around the middle.

Some of the cork was coming off at the corner. I thought about trying to replace it, but I wanted to see what a little bit of $1.89 black paint would do.

A few squirts, a foam brush, and a little patience.

Second coat drying. Hurry up, hurry up!

Honey, please hang up my pretty shelf.

A few of my favorite things: green candle holder, pic of the kids 3 years ago, Rory's "dot painting" from art class when the were studying "The Outback", and her lily pad sculpture from when they were studying Monet.

Up close...and Eli's forehead. He was sitting on the chair in front of me, and then decided he wanted to see what the pic of the shelf looked like on the camera. I could not have done better if I tried. Rory's lily pad looks like a little hat on his head.

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The mama said...

Super cute!! Are you planning on tacking things to the cork part?