Are you following me?

Have you seen the blogs that have, like, 200 followers? (Yes, I know that I sound like a valley girl.)

Now, I'm not trying to be like the Nester, a room somewhere, 4Reluctant Entertainers, more than we deserve, The Lettered Cottage, 3191 just to name a few. But I would like to know that there are people out there besides my family and the "craft night girls" that take a peek at my blog.

It is just that human need to feel that someone likes me, thinks I'm funny, creative, I'm not crazy for putting a hat on my son and begging him to keep it on because he really needs a hair cut. We have all been there.

Maybe if a had a give-away!! I don't know. That sounds like to much work right now.
(Way to talk myself out of it.)

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