Craft Night with the Girls (Adults Only)

First, let me just explain the title. 5 of us got together last Friday night for our first, hopefully not last, craft night. My 6 year old, Rory, wanted to know where I was going. I told her that I was going to a girls only craft night, and then quickly changed my explanation to adult only craft night. Thank goodness I caught myself as quickly as I did because I could see the longing & excitement rising in her face. The let down was manageable.

Apparently the other two mom's with girls were met with the same longing looks.

On to the craft. We made Ragamuffin Memo Garlands! Can you guess where we got the idea from? You guessed it The Nesting Place.

I forgot to take my camera, so I only have pics of my garland that I took once I got home.

We all had different themes.

1. Linda's was for one of her 2 daughters: pink, teal, aqua, yellow, lavender. She found a sign that said "dream" that matched perfectly with the fabric that she picked out beforehand. Girly, yet sophisticated.

2. Jen's had red, dark teal, turquoise, black, some sort of animal print. Super cool. Her's is for her "landing pad/office."

3. Lori was the only one making it for a boy. Boy was it adorable. COWBOYS was her theme: paisley, stars, denim, "Levis" tag, red, blue, rope. Linda is making over her son's room with COWBOYS also. I think I know what her next ragamuffin garland will be:)

4. Kristin, our hostess. All I can say is PRINCESS: lavender, pink, gingham, strips, tulle. She had her daughters name in wooden letters on the wall that she took down, attached ribbon to the back with hot glue and hung them on the garland.

5. Me. EASTER. I have decided that I am going to make one for each holiday/season, and use it for a message center for the family. Not a "you have a doctors appt", but a "have I told you that you are a helpful husband" or "I am so proud that you cleaned your room without me asking." An "encouragement" garland.

I have this wall across from the utility closet. It has a double switch plate and the thermostat. Both in odd locales on the wall. This is were I have placed the "encouragement" garland.

I am hoping to get pics from the other girls to share with you real soon.

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