Craft Night Continued & Cousins Part Tois

Please forgive me. I seem to have ADD today. I can't seem to stay focused, and get things done in an orderly fashion. Of course talking to my mom, aunt Anita, typing to my cousin Kristi or a combo of the three could just be my problem.


This morning my cousin, Corrie, and her daughter, Eva, came over for a visit. Yes, I have a lot of cousins. If I counted 1st and 2nd cousins it would be close to 50. I digress. Eva and Abbi were born one day apart and what a great chance for them to see each other. Alas, it was not to happen. With feeding and sleeping schedules to be kept it just did not work out this time. But I did manage to snap a quick pic of Eli and Eva.

Corrie also came over so she and I could finish/start what we where working on last Friday night.

Here is what I completed this morning...

The idea was "borrowed" from Tuesdays with Molly. Check her out.

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