One Down, One to Go

Warning: Raw Gum Tissue Exposed!

Rory has had a loose tooth for about 4 weeks. As of 2 weeks ago both were loose. Plus the space between the front ones and the ones beside them has been getting bigger...just waiting for the day that the new pearly whites emerge.

This evening we were at my parents home. Rory was showing them how loose they were. It was so funny when she would talk because her tongue would push it forward, and then she would stop talking to push it back. She has also been biting her food from the side of her mouth. Very caveman-like.

Well, back to this evening. I made the comment that it looked as if she just might lose that tooth this evening. I could see the excitement and fear in her eyes.

Put the kids to bed about 7:45pm. They were playing, so Rob & I went in to lay down with them. Rory & I were talking about the tooth, and I asked if I could look at it.
On to my bathroom. I set her on the counter, pulled her tooth forward just a bit, and she gasped & tried to put her hand up to push it back but hit it & knocked it out of her mouth. The tooth went flying across in front of me, but I caught it. No bleeding, no pain, just laughing, but....she has this funny little thing hanging down. I thought that it was part of the root. I have a call in to the dentist. Have you ever seen anything like this?

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The mama. said...

Yes, just some of the soft tissue that helps stop bleeding. A clot almost. That is the thing that you don't want to come out when you have a tooth pulled, or you get dry socket. Trust me...I know.