I'm such a Moocher

I saw this on a blog, which, surprise, I can't remember where.

1. You take a magnet. You know, one of those that look like a business card on the front that your 4 year old is always grabbing one for everyone in the family just to be fair (which is the only time that he wants to be fair).
2. Cut a piece of fabric a little bigger than the magnet
3. Slap some Modge Podge on the top of the magnet
4. Place the fabric on top of the slapped magnet
5. Let dry
6. Trim excess fabric
7. Slap more Modge Podge on top of the fabric
8. Let dry
9. Transfer to your fridge

During the second drying time (step #8).
This is 1 of the 6 magnets that I used. When I showed Rob what I had made he had this worried look on his face. He thought I had used them all. The magnet was, is, his reminder of his very first vacation. The very first time that he stayed at the beach, and played with his kids in the sand & surf everyday. Every once in a while he will look at the want ads in a city in the Carolina's. He's hooked

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