Jackpot Revisited

So when I was at Meijer this morning I found a few items on sale/clearance. I knew that I had coupons, so I had to wait until I got home and found the coupons I wanted & then head back to the store.

Frosted Mini Wheats: 2.99 org > 1.75 sale > .75 w/coupon per box.
Pop Tarts (8 ct): 1.89 org > .94 sale > -.16 w/coupon per box. Yep, they owed me!

Raisin Bran: 3.39 org > 1.75 sale > .75 w/coupon per box.
Pop Tarts (12 ct): 3.09 org > 1.54 sale > .44 w/coupon per box

Recap: 27.70 org > 14.42 sale > 2.84 w/coupons.

For those of you who know me are saying that you can't believe that I bought Pop Tarts. Hey, when you have 2 growing kids, are always running here & there, it's summer time & they seem to be eating you out of house & home you give them what you can. I was also so ashamed of how many times we had run through the drive-thru for some nuggets or a burger, and how much money was being wasted.

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