July Birthdays

July is a busy month for us as far as birthdays go.

1. Niece
2. Nephew
3. Friends Son
4. My own Son

I am trying to make gifts for a few reasons.

First, it's fun.
Second, it's cheaper than buying a gift, usually.
Third, it is always made with love & I think that I am more excited about the gift than the birthday gal/boy.

I have run into a road block, though, with my first gift, and I need your advice.

If you were an 11 year old girl, which ribbon would you like with this fabric?

Here is another pic a little closer.

Don't ask what I'm making. It's a surprise

I have until July 7, but I would really like to get it finished by the end of the week.

Leave your thoughts, send a link to your friends & ask them to pick.

Not to sway anyone, but I am leaning towards the green. We'll see which ribbon gets the most votes.

1 comment:

randee said...

i vote green.
i vote green.
i vote green.
i vote green.