Mr. Man's 5th Birthday (exciting title, i know)

Mr. Man turned 5 on July 18th.

I thought about doing a cute little slide show of the years past, but my "old" computer died. Therefore I have no access to all my pictures. Hopefully we can retrieve them when we buy a new computer after Christmas. That's MY plan, anyway.

I digress.

Here he is with a few of his friends and family at the big shebang.

Birthday Morning. Birthday cupcake and boiled egg minus the yolk.

Rory the night before dipping the iced cupcakes in green sugar.

Yes, that is the same candle from that morning.
He wanted a green dinosaur cake...this is what I came up with.

Gabe, Jacob, Eli, Ethan, Erin.
They all have July Birthdays!!

Eli, Jacob, Gabe. They all turned 5 in July.
I'm sure that Jacob had some chocolate icing smeared on his cute face too.

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randee said...

beth - bring me your hard drive. shelly'll get your photos from it.