A Work in Progress

So I have this farmhouse table with 4 matching chairs that is this dark hunter green color that I am SOOO over. Not to mention the table top that seems to have this orangy-reddish tone to it. The picture does not do it justice.

Last weekend my husband and I hauled 2 of the chairs over to my parents home to begin the transformation of a '90's hand-me-down (thank you Linda) to a 21st century Fab-Wow table and chairs.


The back off and the seat sanded

A little rough sanding of the back and legs

I have this big dilemma...what color do I paint/stain this sucker!!

My thoughts/options:

  1. White w/a mocha wash for anything that was green to give it that antiquey feel . Then a dark chocolate (sounds better than brown) for the table top and seats.
  2. Paint it all black (maybe a little distressing)
  3. Paint it all white (maybe a little distressing)
  4. Table top and seats some sort of dark stain and then perk it up with a non-traditional color like sage or celery (I know that they are in the green family, but a little more trendy)

Please send me your thoughts and ideas. My goal is to have this project done by the end of September.



Linda said...

It looks black in the picture. I would do black on the legs and chair back then distresss them. I would stain the top and seats a darker color. Kind of like Stanifers table if you've seen theirs. Just my two cents!

Corrie said...

My vote is cream with a mocha wash on the chairs and table legs and the top of the table dark chocolate.
I also like Linda's idea of the black and dark stain. I think that what I may to my table and chairs someday. (after I get 800 other projects done.)

Krys said...

Thanks for stopping by and helping me out!! I had no clue I could remove the tops spindles! You rock!
I can't wait to see your table finished - I like both the black and white for legs. What would match the rest of your space the best?