Goodwill Hunting

Matt Damon (sigh)...not in this post.

Rob went to the Goodwill with me this morning.

Want to see what we found?

2 "floating" shelves

from Ikea for 1.99 each

18.5 x 22.5 window picture frame (holds a 16 x 20 picture)

with hardward already attached for 1.99

a package of 9.5 pairs (1 sock was missing) for Eli

can you say 1.99

ceramic vase with a few tiny chips around the edge


I also picked up an orange t-shirt for "moms craft time" tomorrow at Jen Early's home. We're making scarves like the ones found at Joy Beadworks.

Hey Jen, I seriously need some of that black paint that you used on the back of your doors for my window picture frame:].

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Jessica said...

I love finding frames with hardware already on it. Half the work is done!