I'm Mooching Again

After dinner (and before baths) tonight I was over at Samster Mommy checking out the Naptime Crafting section. I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and hey, that's cute.

So I gathered a few supplies:
hot glue gun

Drum roll please.......

Whatca' think? I don't want to know, but only if you like it.

Necklace is 30 inches long.

Bracelet is on Rory's wrist. Mine was once that small (sigh). I digress. Bracelet is 20 inches long.

A few comments of my own:
1. My neck is a little thicker than most. Being a plus size girl and all.
2. Pink is not the only color I have to work with right now. I have a beautiful dark blue and a pretty lavender and some awesome greens.

Any suggestions? Something you might like? My beads were quite small. I have a few coupons for Joann's that are screaming to be used.

1 comment:

Corrie said...

DO NOT BUY ANY BEADS BEFORE LOOKING AT MINE FIRST!!!! (I have a trillion that aren't being used!)

I like the bracelet a lot, but I'm not wild about the necklace - - maybe it's the colors.
Come to my house to do your bead shopping - PLEASE!