So Clever...

Blog hopping on this Saturday evening...listening to the neighborhood kids running around & screaming on the 3rd tee out back our patio, Eli is still on his high from the 'roids that he started again yesterday for his wheezing due to allergies (2 more days to go), remembering that I have a pile of food/knit/crochet books from the library by the couch, hoping that no one calls off for nursery/toddler/preschool teacher duty tomorrow @ church, needing to start my Bible study (which needs to be done by Tuesday), knowing that I probably will not start it because I have a few craft ideas cranking away in my brain after going to the Country Living Fair yesterday (which I went to with my mom and sil, Jen. Our phrase of the day was "oh, I can make that".)....aaahhhh.

Oh, so clever, yeah I forgot...I was blog hopping.

I was @ UCreate browsing and I hopped on over to Samster Mommy. She had a post about circle wall letters, but something else caught my eye (eyes...I'm not a cyclops.) It was the book holder. If you click on the picture with the chair you should be able to get a close up of the holder.

It is a double curtain rod!

How ingenious is that. I know of a million and one places that could house a book holder like that one.

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Natasha said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found my blog (:

I'm in love with that book holder too, it was a bit of a pain in the butt, but TOTALLY worth it!

Here's the link to the tutorial http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/february-jumpstart-2009-entries/how-to-make-a-hanging-book-display-megans-february-jumpstart-project-2009-077231?image_id=3151