Life and Other Important Things

1. I missed my 100 th blog post. (This is #102)
2. We now have no computer because the one we were using has been sent back to the charter home school group we were using. Did I mention that it was sent back with a virus that brings up porn on its own.
3. Kids have been snotty for the last 3 weeks. Hoping that the Thanksgiving break will give them a chance to heal.
4. Friends are going through a rough patch.
5. Christmas gifts need to be finished/started.
6. Still looking for a job. Picking up a few odd jobs here and there for the mean time.
7. Asked if I would be willing to do a commissioned knitted piece of work. (You really like my work?!)
8. Still dreaming about my own yarn shop
9. Loving that my husband has been getting overtime, but just wish that it was on third shift instead of the weekend. I know...beggars can't be choosers.

That's about it....life.

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