Did you miss me?

Where to begin?…..

1. A few post back I stated that the kids were enrolled in “real school” because we (Rob & I) thought that I might be able to contribute financially to eliminating our debt.  Getting us closer to buying a home.  Long story short is that God has not opened any of the doors I have knocked on.

2. The computer I had been using had to be sent back to the home school group that I was using.

3. When I went to hook my own computer back up it did NOTHING!

4. sigh

5. Without a computer for the last three months has not been the death of me.  My parents or the public library are each only about 6 minutes from our home.  But who can go to either one at 10 o’clock at night when the kids are in bed or it is closed.

6. Rob found out a few weeks ago that his department is hiring a new guy. Which means that he will more than likely go to 1st shift sometime in the near future.  Now, when I say near future I mean by the end of the summer.  See, he works for the local city government.  They have to go through all these interviews and training the new person before they feel comfortable that they did not hire an idiot.

7. Biggest thing that has happened in the last three months is that today we (Rob & I) ( well, really I told Rob) are withdrawing Eli from school.  He’s in kindergarten.  The poor baby has asthma/allergies, and has been on antibiotics 4 times in the last 3 months.  Enough is enough!  His body needs time to heal so that it can then strengthen.  Every time he gets a virus it goes right to his lungs.  He has had pneumonia and bronchitis.  Enough is enough! It’s all good though.  He is only 5, and we are not required in our state to have him enrolled in school really until he is 6.  I plan on continuing with workbooks and fun projects.  He seems okay with it.  Although he was a little hopped up on steroids from his breathing treatment.  All he cared about was how high he could throw his stuffed dog.


LWinger said...

Glad you're back! Hang in there.

Corrie said...

Yes!!! I missed you!!!!