My Aunts Are Going to Kill Me

I just set the kids down to the table with homemade beef & noodles, bread & butter and a glass of milk. Went back over to the stove to scoop out my own nice steaming bowl of comfort goodness.

Rory piped up and asked if grandma Rose was my mom's sister. (This is going to be a good conversation...something to blog about. I just know it.)

Me: "No, honey, she is my great grandma, and grandma Martha's mommy. That also makes her (great-great) aunts Ruthie and Randee's mommy too."

Rory: "So grandma Martha is younger (than Ruthie and Randee.)

Grandma Martha is actually the oldest of 9 children. I'm not saying which of the two aunts mention above is the youngest but I'm hoping she will still let me use her Cricut sometime.

I'm sooo dead.

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randee said...

hey! rory's the one in trouble! hah!